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Education Bridge opens English training centres for children aged 3-12, and partners up with local education institutions taking over their English training services. We help partner institutions hire and train qualified personnel, provide them with top quality teaching materials, and help them attract new students. Our goal is to facilitate the delivery of quality language training in China. We believe children should enjoy themselves and have fun while learning English!

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Luigi Morino


“I first came to China for a few months’ experience to live here and learn Chinese. I was happy having found an English teaching job that got me a visa, but after just a few days on the job, I was distraught because of the quality of the classes. Children weren’t learning to speak English, and they were being deprived of all their creativity through punishment-based education models. I looked around and most places seemed to be applying similar methods. I felt a huge drive to do something about it, so after only three months of having lived in China, I got to work to start Education Bridge. Four years on, we’ve helped hundreds of children to become fluent English speakers while enjoying themselves, but I still look back at my first English teaching post thinking we must someday replace all of those archaic teaching models.”


Bethany Marshall


"After having majored in languages back in England, I too came to China for the purpose of learning Chinese. During my first year here, I was offered different teaching jobs simply because I was foreign. What shocked me most was the fact that unplanned, aimlessly taught classes were so widely accepted. I refused to participate in this practice anymore.
Along the way, I began to feel that these hard-working, warm-hearted students needed captivating, engaging classes which best reflect the way natives learn themselves. At that point, I met Luigi.
Since working together, we have put our all into researching the most effective methods to maximise student progress through enjoyment. Let me tell you, the results are unbelievable."

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Tracy Zhang

Administration Manager

After years of experience working in foreign businesses in China, Education Bridge was pleased to welcome Tracy Zhang to the team. As a tireless, results-oriented collaborator, she's helping to shape the administration department in a fast-paced, efficient team.

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