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Our Courses: Inventory


The Start

This is where the journey starts. Through songs and games, this way of teaching is not only fun for both students and teachers, but also sparks an interest in English learning from a very young age. The activities mimic circumstances in which children learn their native language, providing students with fun and natural ways of learning. Unlike most ESL curricula, we do not drill vocabulary. From the very beginning, our students use full sentences, learnt in songs and motivated by using them to win the games that follow! Initially, we focus solely on listening and speaking just as if it was their native language. Once students have a speaking foundation, we use phonics to develop reading and writing abilities, and transition to our Primary Curriculum.


Work in progress

At this stage, students have already built a great foundation with the Kinder Curriculum. Our core textbook, provided by Cambridge University Press, is fun and captivating. To follow with our aim of recreating an ESL environment that shadows that of native speakers, our coursework is based on learning English inductively rather than deductively. We avoid grammar-heavy lessons and value story discussions and games. Students are sorted into groups of at most 8 children according to their English level and, as much as possible, to their personalities. Grouping in such a way encourages a dynamic environment where children are highly motivated not just to learn from their teacher, but from each other as well.


The Destination

Around 5 years after starting their journey with Education Bridge, children are able to move out of ESL. Our Near-Native Curriculum incorporates English classes as taught in schools in native English speaking countries, novel reading and discussion, critical thinking activities, science experiments and more. These children have unlocked a world of opportunities for their future in and outside China.

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