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Teach English: FAQ


There are two main approaches to an English teaching job: experience, or career. Education Bridge welcomes both.
Teaching English in China can be a great opportunity to enhance your personal and professional skills. Living in a foreign environment can be a challenging experience, but with the support of our staff and connection to expats who have lived here for a longer term, it is a formative and enjoyable experience. A competitive salary, in a place with lower living costs, also poses an opportunity to put some money aside without having to pull the belt too tight in the present.


Each teacher is assigned a maximum of 24 teaching hours per week. On top of that, a couple hours are spent on student performance reviews and placement interviews. The remaining is left as preparation time which can happen at home or in our offices, whichever is most convenient for you. By limiting classroom hours and providing you with excellent ready-to-teach curricula, we also make sure that you don’t have to put in extra prep time outside working hours (a common occurrence in ESL jobs).


We have an interest in helping you become a proficient Chinese speaker. Kindergarten beginner levels require teachers who can speak some Chinese, and although this challenge can be overcome by partnering you with a Chinese classroom assistant, it is much better if you are able to to handle basic communication. We set up classes with Chinese teachers and provide you with opportunities to enter Chinese speaking environments, on and off the job. Achieving fluency in Chinese isn't easy and requires perseverance, but if you're willing to put in the effort, it is feasible and extremely rewarding!


Before making extremely ambitious statements to allure applicants, let's make a disclaimer: what you make of your experience is first and foremost in your hands. That being said, at Education Bridge we hope to act as a "launching ramp" for your future plans. Whether you want to stay in China or not, whether you want to stay in education or not, you can put your time with Education Bridge to great work for your future development. Employers nowadays look more and more into applicants' experiences on top of their educational background. We encourage you to take part in local civil society initiatives, education workgroups and, through time, even represent our group at partner organisations' meetings such as the EU Chamber of Commerce. Chinese language abilities and experience at Education Bridge create an attractive skillset: many of our previous employees have moved on to other job positions or further studying that were relevant to their experience with Education Bridge. We recognise ESL teaching abroad might not be a lifelong career path for many, but it's an opportunity for a great life experience. We offer an alternative to institutions that allure prospective ESL teachers by marketing a "holiday-abroad-like" work experience, and aim to attract employees striving for personal growth and motivated to have an impact.

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